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   Occasional updates and in-depth reports on some cases, designed to provide a viewpoint rarely afforded those who aren't actually sitting at counsel table during trial.

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New Nickel Rants: Three Flu Over the Ukraine's Nest (Nov 16)... One Flu Over the Ukraine's Nest (Nov 3)... Anarchy with Honor (June 24)... New Interview: Rick Adams Uncensored (Mar 4)...

Recent Nickel Rants (text and streaming audio files)

new >>> Nov 16 - Three Flu Over the Ukraine's Nest
new >>> Nov 3 - One Flu Over the Ukraine's Nest
Aug 9 - Things Are Looking Down

July 9 - More Is Less
Jun 24  - Anarchy with Honor 
                                        Audio (formal Rant only - 16 mb, 18 min)   streaming mp3
                               Audio (entire broadcast - 25 mb, 120 min)  mp3   streaming mp3
Jun 17  - Audio (entire broadcast - 25 mb, 120 min)  mp3   streaming mp3
Jun 10  - Why He Did It - And Why Von Brunn Won't Be The Last  
                              Audio (formal Rant only - 13 mb, 14 min)   streaming mp3

                              Audio (entire broadcast - 25 mb, 120 min)  mp3   streaming mp3
May 27  - The Ties That Divide  
                             Audio (formal Rant only - 24 mb, 24 min)   streaming mp3

                             Audio (entire broadcast - 13 mb, 60 min)  mp3   streaming mp3
May 13  - Broken  
                             Audio (formal Rant only - 30 mb, 45 min)   streaming mp3

                            Audio (entire broadcast - 13 mb, 60 min)  mp3   streaming mp3
May 3  - REJECTED  
                 Audio (formal Rant only - 14 mb, 17 min)   mp3     streaming mp3

                              Audio (entire broadcast - 13 mb, 60 min)  mp3   streaming mp3
Apr 29  - Flu Happens  
                              Audio (formal Rant only - 13 mb, 14 min)   mp3     streaming mp3

                              Audio (entire broadcast - 13 mb, 60 min)  mp3   streaming mp3
Apr 22  - Obummer  
                              Audio (formal Rant only - 12 mb, 12 min)   mp3     streaming mp3

                              Audio (entire broadcast - 13 mb, 60 min)  mp3   streaming mp3
Apr 15  - Idaho - You Can See New America From Here  
                              Audio (formal Rant only - 24 mb, 26 min)  Part I: mp3  Part II: mp3    streaming mp3

                              Audio (entire broadcast - 13 mb, 60 min)  mp3   streaming mp3
Apr 8  - Christians? In America?  
                              Audio (formal Rant only - 12 mb, 14 min)  mp3   streaming mp3

                              Audio (entire broadcast - 13 mb, 56 min)  mp3   streaming mp3
Apr 1  - Ed Gov, Not Fed Gov  
                              Audio (formal Rant only - 11 mb, 13 min)  mp3   streaming mp3

                              Audio (entire broadcast - 13 mb, 56 min)  mp3   streaming mp3
Mar 25 - We're All Terrorists Now  
                          Audio (formal Rant only - 10 mb, 12 min)  mp3   streaming mp3

                          Audio (entire broadcast - 13 mb, 58 min)  mp3   streaming mp3
Mar 18 - Second Annual State of the Revolution  
      Audio (entire broadcast - 15 mb, 67 min)  mp3   streaming mp3
Mar 11 - The Road to Hell (is Paved with Bailout Money)  
                    Audio (formal Rant only - 23 mb, 26 min)   Part 1: mp3   Part 2: mp3   streaming mp3
Audio (entire broadcast - 15 mb, 64 min)  mp3   streaming mp3

Mar 6 - The Other Other White Meat
Feb 12 - A Cup of Technical Analysis  (Market Update 09-01)
Feb 10 -
Yes We Can Waffle   mp3 audio
Jan 1 - 2009 Top-Ten List for Boys Crying Wolf - Obamageddon and Other Disasters   mp3 audio  (2.6 mb, 28 min)
Dec 24 - The Late-Night Visitor

Dec 17 - Shoenomena!
Dec 15 - Call Me Delusional  (Market Update 08-09)
Dec 13 Billions for Bankers - Nothing for Workers  mp3 audio
Nov 12 Dear Mr. Obama  mp3 audio
Oct 27 - Trickle-Up Economics   mp3 audio  (1.4 mb, 12 min)
Oct 12 - Why Do You Think They Call It Fiat Money, Anyway?
Oct 6 Never Choose Evil  mp3 audio
Sep 23 Night of the Living Debt  mp3 audio
Sep 12 Let's Pretend  mp3 audio
Aug 9 WAR ALERT!!!  mp3 audio
Aug 5 - For the Last Time:  Bush Must Go!!!   mp3 audio  (2.9 mb, 25 min)
July26 Dead Cat Bounce  mp3 audio
July 5 Deserve's Got Nothin' To Do With It  mp3 audio
Jun 27 Baracknophobia  mp3 audio
May 11 Hillary Plays the Race Card   mp3 audio
May 5 - Sinko de America
Apr 29 - Market Update  (Market Update 08-08)
Apr 23
A Rising Storm   mp3 audio
Apr 4 - Update on Everything  (Market Update 08-07)
Apr 1
Cogito, Ergo Ben   mp3 audio
Mar 27 - Mr. Mental Explains: Everything You Need To Know About Economics   mp3 audio
Mar 20 - Nobody Wants Silver So Badly, You Can't Buy Any  (Market Update 08-06)
Mar 14 - Cardozo was Wrong!  (Market Update 08-05)
Mar 7 -  Mr. Mental Explains: Derivatives, Calculus and Other Simple Concepts   mp3 audio
Feb 26 - Fun with Numbers  (Market Update 08-04)
Feb 26 - Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead!  (Market Update 08-03)
Feb 17 - The State of the Revolution   mp3 audio  (5 mb, 47 min)
Feb 8  - Will the Silver Market Pull Up Its Shorts to Cover Its Growing Crack?  (Market Update 08-02)
Jan 30 - You (yes, you) Can Make a Difference!!!   mp3 audio

Note:  Free distribution of written and recorded rants, interviews and speeches is granted to all private individuals and not-for-profit organizations.  For all other uses, including those by for-profit broadcasting entities, contact author at Steele@NickelRant.com. 

Selected Public Speeches (text and streaming audio files):

4/24/04 - IHR Zundel Revisionist Conference (Harvey Taylor intro):  The Truth Hurts   mp3 audio    (8 mb,  73 min)
6/20/03 - Barnes Review/American Free Press Conference:  Injustice for All  mp3 audio  (5 mb, 42 min)
6/22/02 - Council of Conservative Citizens (Sam Dickson intro)
The Death of Free Speech    mp3 audio   (10 mb,  58 min)

Selected Archived Interviews:

Streaming audio files --

new >>> 3/04/09 - Rick Adams' Rick Adams Uncensored   mp3 audio   (13.6 mb, 120 min)
1/24/09 - James Edwards' Political Cesspool (45 min)
1/15/09 -
Rick Adams' Rick Adams Uncensored   mp3 audio   (13.6 mb, 120 min)
10/29/08 - Peter Schaenk's War of Perception    mp3 audio   (11 mb,  120 min)
8/18/08 -
Michael Badnarik's Lighting the Fires of Liberty  mp3 audio   (14 mb, 120 min)
8/15/08 - Michael Badnarik's Lighting the Fires of Liberty  mp3 audio   (14 mb, 120 min)
3/28/08 -
Michael Badnarik's Lighting the Fires of Liberty  mp3 audio   (14 mb, 120 min)

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I have just finished reading your book.  It is excellent...I think your book is the book for the current times for anyone wanting enlightenment." -- Kenneth Wade

"Much more than I expected..." -- Fred Wahlstrom

"...everyone in this country ought to read it..."  --  Hazel Poole

"Got your book and loving it."  --  James  Seumas

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